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New Style Hijab Dian Pelangi

Dian Pelangi restless every heard her headscarf, or hijab wearer imaged ancient.grow Islamic tradition in the family thick, garment businessman father, mother and Muslim boutique owner, dian rainbow challenged to make changes.
Armed with fashion and religious education, she took over her mother's boutique business. Without crashing the grip of Islamic law, he is slowly changing the negative image of Muslim fashion through the design of stylish and trendy.
The design not only attract Muslim homeland, but also abroad. In fact, they are not wearing the hijab. "I was challenged to create a different Muslim fashion. Because of all this Muslim dress was not considered cool, tacky, "said the Rev. Dian Utami owner's name.

In the midst of success as a young designer, a woman born January 14, 1991 that spawned 'Hijaber Community'. Active young Muslim community share tips and experiences related to hijab and Islam. Islamic activities ranging from fashion shows, wearing hijab tutorial, tausiyah, and recitals.
Although only officially established earlier this year, the community that he built has attracted at least 14,500 followers on Twitter, and over 19,000 Facebook users. "Through this community, we want inspire women to wear Muslim fashion."
The first time a fashion show?
Mid 2009.pada Ministry of Tourism held a fashion show in Melbourne, Australia. I was surprised, because there was a senior designer Iva Latifah too. While I was still 18 years old.
Alhamdullilah good response. Until there is a review in the local leading newspaper The Age. They were amazed with the collaboration of religious and style that I created. They do not think I'm weird, or hook Moslem terrorism.
The momentum of the most decisive career?
Jakarta Fashion Week 2009. I appeared as junior designer newcomers. The response was incredible. Everyone seems to talk about me with the number of reviews in print, electronic, and internet.
The event that seems to make me more known and bring fashion show invitations to foreign countries. It became a really good stepping stone not only for me but for all fashion designers Indonesia.
From there, the collection I ogled the Ministry of Tourism to be brought to London, England, April 2010, the show "Indonesia Is Remarkable 'at Harrods. But, before I was once invited to the exhibition by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to Abu Dhabi. And, his response is always positive.
Already many are offering to open a boutique in foreign countries, but I still need a lot of experience. Many also offer to just sell my collections in Dubai, Jordan, and even Belgium.
There are tricks when you carry the collection to foreign countries?
I always used to survey the local community culture and trends. For example, when to Australia, I select models or maxi dress coat. If the Middle East, I created models Kaftan. This is probably what makes my clothes too easily accepted in every place I go.
Your design inspiration?
I really like the style of Middle Eastern fashion. I started watching them since my fashion school in Egypt. I think that most animates them how to dress a good Muslim. It's really inspired me in the Muslim fashion designing.
But I'm not fixated on their style. I also like to adopt the fashions of Europe in the winter. From there I started trying to design clothes but still with a characteristic blend of Indonesian culture, such as jumputan, songket and batik.
I want to lift artisans from Indonesia, so that the results of their craft known to the public at large.
Standard Muslim fashion design?
Clearly, the material should not be transparent, its design should not form the body, private parts must be tightly closed, do not invite the attention of people, and not too excited.
We should also pay attention to the times. If not, we are increasingly difficult to inspire a person to wear the meeting and use the hijab.
People used to think of wearing Muslim clothing is always synonymous with style tacky, but not anymore, they are dressed Muslims can still look stylish but private parts is maintained.
There are cons with your work?
For some people, my design there may be a bit extreme. Some say Dian Pelangi not characterize Islamic clothing. It's so input.
They say Dian Pelangi successful because the mother and father. This is the legacy businesses, but should they see after I hold down the graph, up, or stag. To be sure, not easy to continue this effort.
Dian Pelangi characteristic fashion?
Every designer should have a character. I always emphasize is shades of colors in accordance label 'Rainbow' that I used. At least 2 -3 colors in each of my designs. The hope, without seeing the label, people already knew that my design. If not, can be stamped designs of others.
Material imported fabrics or local?
Weaving, songket, batik, and jumputan produced in Pekalongan. The material is also native to Indonesia. Special jumputan Palembang which is genuine, I usually used to design new color gradation dijumput. If you weaving, my father pursue a long time.
Production capabilities in a month?
I have several types of products, namely Rainbow Batik, Dian Pelangi, Pelangi Bride, and Weaving Rainbow. There are categories of mass products with prices ranging from Rp50, 400 thousand, and special product to Rp3 million 500 thousand.
total production of 1000 pieces a month to dress. But, entering the month of Ramadan this demand can be increased seven-fold.
Trends Ramadan this year?
Ramadan this year, we still refer to the collection of models of the Middle Eastern fashion, harem pants, or the Arab urban styles. The trend is still like that, perhaps with a blend of rock.
Dian Pelangi hijab style tips?
Veil not have a style, but the rules must be followed. Do not stare at people's comments. Just remove your personal style, home style is not too excessive.
For the evening, choose a veil dark colors, like black, maroon, purple, gray or customize to show. For daytime, use soft colors. If the dress is full motifs, veils do not get too crowded. Conversely, if the veil has been busy, just a neutral outfit.
Dian Pelangi fashion style much imitated and so the trend?
It became something that I am very grateful. Praise can mutually inspire Muslim women dress style. It is also not free from the presence of friends in 'Hijabers Community' who helped popularize the style of clothing Dian Pelangi through the events that our title.

What is 'Hijabbers Community'?
It began fasting last year. At that time, there are many invitations to fashion shows me. My good friend, Ria Miranda, suggested why not invite the Muslim teenager wrote. Watch fashion shows all open together. Finally, we spread the invitation through the social networks, we also coupled the fashion bloggers.
Animonya turned out fine, of the 30 seats we ordered to break the fast turns that come up to the 50's people. From there, there were about 30 people who communicate intense. January 2011 began to take shape and the community, we are officially launching in March 2011.
Preparation activities are not only held a fashion show, but there is also a routine recitation event, tausiyah.
Some say 'Hijabers Community' like a socialite cover?
no. We are only as containers inspiration women want to wear Muslim fashion.
Many also said that wearing the veil can not be successful and grow. Through this community we show that many Muslim women whose careers were good.
Our principle, the symbols were not necessarily done in the mosque, could have been the symbols (spreading the teachings of Islam) is done in a mall with an attractive wearing Muslim clothing. Not a day longer a Muslim was closed.
Thank God in this community we always remind each other, as when wearing hoods or neck hair look, we remind each other. We make the community but still there are grip-grip muslims.
Terms so members 'Hijabers Community'?
To be sure to wear the hijab. Today, my 30 new members, who are members of the management committee with an age range 20-30 years. So far, there are already branches in Bandung and Yogyakarta.

We are thinking to take in more members and create an identity card. Because here we are not home ngambil people to become members. That definitely should be selected. But, if they are always intense follow our activities are huge numbers.
The challenge of building a 'Hijabers Community'?
We are often labeled as slang veiled women who want to exist doang. But, instead we are responsible to do a lot of positive activities and charities. It's up to people going to say, and Alhamdulillah this community more benefits than harm.
Dreams of the future?
I want to make couture Muslim, let me later Muslim fashion parallel to the fashion-fashion in Paris as well as parallel to the Milan Fashion Week.
With the fashion of this rainbow dian we can gain knowledge about Muslim fashion, in fact there are very many other Muslims who have talents in one of the dian this rainbow we can inspire you to create a new Muslim world without any influence from people who commented.because actually people who comment can not necessarily create designs from which you created.real core of Muslim dress in the dress is how we stay in the Islamic Shari'a and the time is now coupled with the new style that does not look ancient.real that only a few people who say because of fashion Muslim women are not completely closed sexi.because indeed in the world that is so sexi preferred form but in the akhira clothes that can cover his private parts is preferred.
hopefully can be a benefit to all of you.
warm greetings: http://muslimscompletegallery.blogspot.com


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