Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair 2011

 Fashion Foundation of Islamic Indonesia or Indonesia Islamic Fashion Consortium (IIFC) with the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of RI again held Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair (IIFF) 2011 with the theme "Fashion Extravaganza & Tourism". Held on 11 August to 11 September 2011 in the largest Shopping Centre area of ​​West Jakarta, Central Park as Muslim fashion lovers you can find the latest designs here.of various Muslim fashion typical Muslim Indonesia at present disini.sehingga all you can see the developments around latest Muslim fashion.

IIFF event on the opening date of August 11, 2011 ago, marked by the playing of the gendering shared between the Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry and Trade, Edy Putra Irawady and Marketing Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Dr. Nirwandar. And also attended by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of RI, the Association of Fashion Designers premises (APPMI), observer mode, the Regional Government of West Jakarta, and industry practitioners mode.Dengan presence of this event was greeted by the visitors who are so enthusiastic with exhibition held Moslem this.many also from foreign countries attended the event to seek information from various Muslim fashion designers popular in Indonesia.

More than 20 leading Muslim fashion designer helped enliven the IIFF 2011, among others, Dian Pelangi, Defrico Audy, Hengky Kawilarang, Irna Pearl, Jeanny Ang, Merry Pramono, Malik Moestaram, Stephanus Hammy, Sofie and Shafira.

In addition to hold a fashion show, IIFF 2011 also offers two new promotional strategies to sharpen Indonesia towards the ideals of the Muslim world as a fashion mecca. First, a main online beauty pageant world's first "Muslim Beauty 2011". Second, the bestowal IIFC Top Designer's Award to fashion designer who excel in the field of processing of the brand, fashion style and the ability to read market tastes.
It is undeniable competitive conditions in the Muslim fashion industry began to squirm since Indonesia was declared as the World Muslim Qibla Fashion through IIFF years ago.Like an inspiration, a number of countries which first exists in the global fashion world began seriously working on this huge market potential, therefore required high impact promotional strategies such as digital marketing through social networking media that all IIFF activity can be directly accessed by Muslim fashion lovers wherever they berada.sekarang be easy to know the development of Muslim fashion world that has been published in the internet.

With you wherever you remain aware of the Indonesian Moslem who always provide the latest design and provide information about the Muslim fashion mecca terupdate.sebagai Moslem world , Indonesia continues to make developments around the Moslem Moslem consumers love the products from Indonesia are unique and world class.
To capture a new breed of fashion designers Muslim, IIFF 2011 in collaboration with Noor Magazine Clothing Design Competition held at the date of 2011 in Puri Agung Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel. With the advent of such activities is expected to be more spur growth fashion Moslem Indonesia which will also will help the nation's economy.

I hope this information can become your information in the search for Moslem world that is always evolving, but also put forward the following day Shari'a Muslim religion in modern dress anyway to cover the principal.
hopefully useful information for you.

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