Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Fashion Nur Zahra Collection

 Interesting trip to wear the hijab are simple, stylish and comfortable to continue with the Heritage Zahra Nur. The new line of pashmina, tunics and maxi dress from Zahra Nurakan adds flexibility to the modern Muslim women's fashion by combining light and wind from cotton voile material with batik designs exclusive nila.make you if it more comfortable to wear the hijab does not feel heavy and it would be seen gracefully, because the veil that has been designed with your request.

The use of batik in the design heritage was an easy decision. That's our cultural heritage that consists of batik batik palace cleverly yet sophisticated and dynamic Coasts; both symbolize class and strength. And the Heritage Zahra Nur, the elements of classical batik Indonesia mixed with modern ideas from other parts of the world that produces universal design fabulous.Indonesia fresh geometric lines that will be the center of the Muslim fashion makes this state is always creative in creating a generation of modern veil always be an option to wear the hijab foreign native Indonesia elegant, beautiful and gorgeous.

Zahra Nur Heritage is also pushing the envelope further by embracing ramahekologi process in the production of indigo batik collection. Design printed on the items are all made using natural dyes from plants such as indigo for blue, while yellow and green, for example, naturally extracted from the bark of Morinda citrifolia and mahogany logs respectively. it's the same method used by our ancestors to produce colors are durable and vibrant. This technique also proved to be safe for the environment because the waste will do nothing but reduce the acid level of tanah.Benar really create an amazing work environment but does not damage friendly environment if you like the natural thing, this is the most appropriate hijab as an option you.


Particular emphasis is given to maximize comfort by using a cotton voile fabric is practical, roomy and easy to care for. And with contemporary batik designs in a variety of natural colors, Heritage will provide many options for relaxing as well as formal occasions. Zahra Nur Heritage, therefore, a prefect fit for Muslim women today who aspire to remain closed, fashionable and conscious environment.and with this you also keep the environment as well as stay abreast of Islamic Shari'a already taught one of them covered the nakedness of to keep you from the passions of others who want you to open the genitalia.
Hopefully with your scarf will be more comfortable and beautiful in dress.hopefully this information can be useful for you in finding Moslem your new choice.
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