Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Hijab Ala Ingrid Sifon Kansil

The news today was cold and 'fall'. The advantages of this chiffon material makes the artist Ingrid Kansil often wear. Even since 4 months ago, Ingrid began producingThis.Hijab veil of chiffon material in fashionable design is expected to become your first choice in finding a veil made of chiffon.

"Many prefer chiffon material in addition to cool and fall to the body as well lemes, and not slippery," said Ingrid Kansil when contacted if you like the veil made of chiffon Ingggrid designing various kinds with elegant creations.
The model produced Ingrid chiffon veil, was square sewn together with ciputnya. So it can be used instantly, you can also modification.If hijab clever in using the various creations possible with a veil made from sifon.anda would prefer that if used would not feel so hot because of the hijab material is less suitable for you.

This veil "Can be used with simple like a veil, can be modified, from a headscarf could multifunctional. Can be used any formal or nonformil.dalam event is suitable to wear hijab.

Ingrid is selling from bazaar to bazaar was trying to promote it through the veil of online media ..
One production hijab Aisha and Fatima. Colors and styles also vary from plain colors like gray, salmon, red, maroon, peach, floral-print to black and white, rose-pink. A variety of creations that have been designed for your needs in a veil.

Also there veil with lace detail, like a collection of Fatima tosca green and black with gold embroidery. In the picture that's one of his more veiled Ingrid displays that look beautiful and graceful.
In the production process scarf, Ingrid handle its own selection of materials until detailed application to be pinned on her hijab. Assisted with 4-6 people tailors, interest scarf was made in Ingrid increase.with an increasingly rapid development resulting in the creation of the veil had to be fast and good.

The plan also would make the clothes as well. Depleted many wondering where the message her clothes, "added the beautiful woman who opened the business because a similar question on the hijab headscarf she was wearing before.

Ingrid Price hijab new Kansil diluncurkanRp 150 thousand to Rp 225 thousand, depending on the materials, colors and styles.

Hopefully this information can be your best information in finding the veil that will be your choice to make it more beautiful and fashionable look.
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