Thursday, October 13, 2011

Muslim Fashion Trends 2011

Actually, Muslim fashion trends are not much shifted from the trend in 2010 whichhas led to the plural and multicultural style with a touch thicker. However, when talking about Islamic fashion, certainly not far range from tunics and robes. In fact, outside of these two types of clothing, many of which can be used as a referencestyle. In addition, in the year 2011 that more liberating Muslim fashionistas withekspresi.Semua mode was designed by designer difikir and Muslims in terms of a new spark in the Moslem and Moslem.

This was confirmed Moestaram Malik, a young designer who recently cultivateMuslim fashion. He sees the current trend of urban Muslims marked by multicultural.They accept a variety of world cultures and integrate them in an appearancerapi.Itulah what new creations have created and deserves to be marketed.

"Multicultural language is the mode that shows a universal image. And, I want to present something that the international style," said Malik, who then put it in the style of dressing the modern woman who can give a very popular multicultural market.

However, if you want to look stylish with the universal image of effortless, you can only use the formula of integrated border fashion. For example, if you have a long-sleeved shirt, mix it with a knit vest, tie, and a pair of pipes to get the student dormitory style looks neat. But every day, just that alone, has not found it to be neatsepertiitu but that could match it.
hopefully this can be your motivation in the world of designer Muslim
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