Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clothing Catalog Azka "The Simplicity of Ethnic"

Do notassuea simpicity meaning eye. Because behind a simple form, there are shades of the mighty rich. As with ethnic shades varying shades of rich archipelago, but appear with modesty. This is the offering of Azka to the lovers of the Muslim fashion by featuring the theme "The Simplicity of Ethnic" Moslem Maybe this is what will you choose to supplement your Muslim fashion.
In this collection, the colors are taken from the nuances of our archipelago ethnic mix with a simple design. Apart from hand embroidery artisans, Muslim dresses this time also remains reinforced striated accents of fabric that is done manually with the machine instead of weaving machines (ATBM). So fashion design exclusivity Azka stay awake and keep it reflects the beauty and elegance in wearing Muslim clothing.

In the ranks of this collection, Azka also introduced its veil and headscarf are launched separately with the brand "SYAHRANI". With the influx of new collection range, then the future Moslem lovers can satisfy their need for a collection of elegant and exclusive clothing at outlets Azka.
Hope that what is presented Azka this time can be a pleasing and meaningful contribution to the development of Muslim fashion in Indonesia.
Maybe this could be your information in the search for Islamic clothing, this is not the place to promote other people's products but only to supplement information about the Muslim world you all.hopefully useful ..


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